Wednesday, March 31, 2010

josie grossy

this outfit costs... wait for it... $3,500. im not kidding. for $3,500 you can look like you live on the streets.

on gawker today they outlined a BEAUTIFUL $15,000 set-up. check it out:

*source: net-a-porter, farfetch


  1. Oh my, you make me laugh. This tattered trash truly is heinous, and clearly offensive to your highest sensibilities. Combing through your pretty blog is the next best thing to sitting next you on a comfy beige couch watching the food network typing away on our laptops- i MISS YOU, and your dry, Sleepy Princess sense of humor.
    Sleepy Hippie

  2. awww miss you sleepy hippie! glad you like the blog. you should become a "follower". xoxoxo

  3. i already AM a follower, HA! ... no but seriously, without you, or whit, or natasha or any other savvy girls around i am a lost fashion puppy- basically i need someone in close proximity to follow and copy. which i never would have admitted until now... i didn't understand i actually have to pay attention to what's going on in the world, instead of in my roommate's closets. so keep on bloggin sister lady! i guess anyone who doesn't SET trends FOLLOWs them, huh?


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