Friday, April 30, 2010

next steps...

last month, i left my job in advertising to pursue... something. i wasn't sure what. and what i have discovered is that design is my passion. next week, i am going to look at design schools in chicago and i absolutely cannot wait.

can anyone share their experience entering the design world? would love to hear anything and everything!

have a great weekend loves.


  1. YAYYYYYYY. so proud of you!

  2. yaaay so happy to hear love! can't wait to play in floral dresses manana xo

  3. Can't share any words of wisdom, but I'm so proud and happy! Yay :-)

  4. YES! Alex, this is music to my ears!! you were born for it, lady!! let 'er rip :) MUAH!

  5. aw thank you ladies!! so sweet. love you all. xo


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