Wednesday, May 19, 2010

10 beauty products i cant live without...

1.Michael Kors perfume. every single time i wear it someone asks what perfume i am wearing. it lures men. i swear.
2. Kerastase shampoo and conditioner, in the orange bottle. your hair will never be so soft
3. sakura bath bomb from Lush. heaven.
4. Bag Balm. i use this for my lips and it cures all cracking. heres the thing, back in the day, it was meant for cows utters. and it says that on the package. gross, i know. but ignore. its a miracle product.
5. chanel waterproof eyeliner crayon. enough said. its amazing
6. Phytomist Leave-in Conditioner. for damaged hair like mine, i have to do all sorts of things to keep it lookly sort of healthy (emphasis on the sort of). this stuff is perfect for that.
7. diorshow iconic mascara. hands down the best mascara. and ive tried them all...
8.Sugar by Fresh is the best lip gloss/chap stick product i know of. i carry a tube in every purse. its expensive yes. BUT, it gives you the right amount of sheen, has SPF in it and heels all chapped lips.
9. i have tried many different lotions, but vaseline intensive care is by far the best.
10. Essie nailpolish in Wicked. my go to color.


  1. remember when i thought the bath bombs were hard boiled eggs in your bathroom?! embarrassed.


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