Tuesday, May 25, 2010


i am in the market for some bold, colorful, large scale artwork. i need a big piece for above my dining room table. this piece of art is going to define the entire space. its stressing me out!!!

so... i am reaching out to my readers. i will give you a $1 or bake you cookies (i would give you something better but all of my money will have been spent on this gorgeous artwork that you found me) if you find me something beautiful. no but seriously, i will be forever grateful.

here is my criteria:
1. colorful
2. big
3. under $1,000

shouldn't be so hard right??

*source: downtown chic, erin ever after, and sketch 42


  1. Eddie Cohen Photography. Link on my blog. HIT it! Ask him about his absynthe photo shoot. Its SO AMAZING!

  2. I sent an email asking to see! His stuff is unreal. Thank you for the recommendation!


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