Wednesday, June 2, 2010


while i am trying to decide what fabric to use on my new chairs, i am also considering some new inspirations for my family room. i've thought long and hard about doing something very refined, glam and themed but after much consideration, ive realized i cant do it. im eclectic, my style is eclectic and for my own home, i need eclectic. this collage put together by coco and kelley sums up what im hoping to accomplish. not necessarily these fabrics or prints. but the mix.


  1. LOVE THIS COMBO. LOVE LOVE LOVE. except for me it shall be inspiration for some of my burner outfits instead of my living room. do you have some photos of your own apt, Al?

  2. oh yes i do! sorry its taken me so long to respond to you :)

    i am waiting for a couple big pieces and then i will make sure to post pictures!!!


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