Monday, June 28, 2010

JGar's Mood Board

My friend Jenny recently purchased the Barbara Barry bedding that I have loved for a while now. She has dark wood bedroom furniture and white renters walls and carpet. Here is a perfect way to complete the room. You'd never know it was a renters space. And it is definitely a room I'd be happy to snuggle up into every night.

ps weird how i capitalized everything in this post. i never use caps. this must've been a pretty special one jen.

Window Panels: West Elm
Bling Hurricanes: ZGallerie
Barbara Barry Bedding: Macy's
Sheepskin Rug: West Elm
Standing Lamp: ZGallerie
Nightstand Lamp: West Elm


  1. I DIE for everything- love the sheepskin rug + bling hurricaines

  2. soooo pretty!!! me next me next :) good luck on your midterms today!!

  3. ohh so glad its a success! tay, would love to do your room too


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