Friday, June 11, 2010

review, because i know you care.

these are my picks from this months lonny, and outside of these pictures... i was disappointed. i thought the rooms lacked inspiration and some were so cluttered you didnt know where to look, others had a halloween theme (acheemmmmm lady with an orange house). overall, not my fave issue. but i APPLAUD the choice of Jayson Home and Garden as a significant feature. this store is insane. anyone who lives even remotely close needs to go in for a visit.


  1. omg i need that jewelery drawer

  2. I am obsessed with Jayson, went just this weekend and walked around in a trance for a solid hour. Not the first time I have gone in (it is blocks from our new house...puhlease) it just has that effect on me everytime!

  3. im incapable of going in and spending less than an hour. i want EVERYTHING. best store in chicago, for sure.


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