Wednesday, July 7, 2010

hair miracle

last week i had the keratin process done to my hair (warning: i am now going to rant). this stuff is amazing. i mean, life changing. i have the grossest, worst fro of all time and this process cures all. i can literally let my hair air dry, and when i do, i have zero frizz, a slight pretty wave and amazing shine. for anyone interested... I SUGGEST YOU DO IT.

thats all.


PS these women didnt necessarily use kertain, they just have straight, pretty hair

*source: women hairstyles


  1. I have a friend who did it and she looks fantastic! glad you are thrilled - it's such a wonderful feeling, I am sure...

  2. All hair extensions are nice and beautiful. And Keratin process or Keratin hair-straightening treatments are very famous option at almost all salons. Hair can be much beautiful after this treatment. I am hair specialist and doing the job from last 5 years at Tempe salons


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