Monday, July 26, 2010

my bestie blogger friends,

i have recently been hearing of so many people who are reading my blog (and hopefully loving it). so yay, thank you! if you are one of those people who enjoys my ridiculous rants and fabulous pictures, let me know. become a follower. there is no commitment or work involved. it just helps me know who is reading, and even helps me get better advertising :) click "follow" on the right hand side. i heart each and every one of you, so show some love back.

hugs and kisses, see you monday


  1. Alex, I saw your blog from facebook. You have such a great eye for interior design - I love your posts. I've become obsessed with looking at design blogs recently and I am adding your's to my list!

  2. keeley! so glad you love the blog. hope you are doing well. xo


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