Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a big undertaking

i am getting ready to finally jump on my last project for my condo... the guest bedroom. it is a total disaster right now.

its where:
1. i hang all of our leftover small pieces of art
2. the boy works out
3. we store unwanted crap
4. he has his clothes

...and its only 11 x 12. so its limited space and multi-purposeness have kept me from any sort of decorating. but now its ugliness has become too much. my problem is, i only like white duvets, with color accents. but i dont want to assume guests will take care of my white bedding. so, what do i do?

these are some of my inspiration images. yes, they are all across the board.

get ready for a before and after... hopefully before the holidays.


  1. White duvet is fine. You can always clean it with bleach if you have to... and how often do you really have guests? I would make the room a den of some sort. (thats what I did with my extra bedroom)

  2. obsessed with the 3rd and 5th bedrooms. i want. remember this for when you decorate my future home miss alex!

  3. I only have white bedding too - and don't have any problems with it at all, even with two energetic small children. Love your selection - have fun putting it together!

  4. Thanks for all the advice!

    Sketch, we usually have guest once or twice a month... ridiculous.

    But I think we are still going to have to do the white.

    Will of course post before and afters!

  5. Don't forget to mention it is also where you keep an amazing close up pic of your face with a glass tear. YAHTZEE.

  6. um... you have guests often who sleep in that bed often and who often get drunk and eat in it.... just saying. But you can do white. I promise to be careful ;) but you should definitely redecorate!!

  7. We have very similar taste- I am using the first picture as inspiration for my master bedroom and hoping to get the Asuka wallpaper (in the silver and pink) for my ensuite bathroom- love! Excited to see your room's after shots!

  8. Christine is sounds like your room is going to be insanely gorgeous and right up my alley! please share pictures


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