Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DIY: Animal Art

i had a project last semester where i had to draw an animal, then recreate that animal using letter forms, and then again recreate that animal using a collage.

i drew a butterfly, recreated it in a scripty font, and then again in black and white and color photographs that i had taken. i liked the way they turned out so much that when the semester was over i framed them. im sending the collage one to my sister, and keeping the scripty one for myself.

even though i did this for a design in 2D class, i think it would be a fun project for anyone. i love DIY art

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  1. OMG sister alexander! these are awesome!!!!!!!!!! when you told me about the project i was not expecting for the outcomes to look like this, so fabulous. and by sister that youre sending the butterfly to- is that c or k? it better be k.


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