Tuesday, September 21, 2010

do you velvet?

velvet is everywhere right now. i've always loved it in interiors, but now its being very heavily introduced back into fashion. i was definitely of the era where my little girls party dresses features velvet 100% of the time. but im surprising myself by thinking i could reintroduce velvet into my wardrobe... small doses yes, but still reintroduce. maybe a dress for the holidays? what do you think? do you velvet?

*sources: the decorista, forward and style.com


  1. I have a black velvet blazer that I wear in the fall and winter. It works dressed up or down. I am not sure I could get into a velvet dress, but a little velvet is nice.


    Rebecca June

  2. i tots velvet. i love the idea of a velvet blazer! sometimes though, velvet can be a little unflattering, so watch yourself when you decide to "velvet"

    bisoux bisoux (xo)



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