Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ladies and gentlemen... the dorm room

with it being back to school season ive been seeing lots of posts about beautiful dorm rooms. and yes, if you are willing to move out your furniture to a storage space and bring in all your own things, like this one, then you can make it like a fancy schmancy home. but most college kids aren't on that kind of budget and have to make due with what they have been provided.

my little sister is off to hobart and william smith for her second year, and sadly has to live in a dorm AGAIN. so it became her mission to make it as homey and cute as possible. she sent me pictures today, and after only a week at school i would say she seriously succeeded! it looks incredible. i am so impressed (proud).

each girl has a gallery wall next to their bed. pretty, bright, floral bedding. lots of colorful art to brighten up the drab space. and my personal favorite, a new, fun spin on a popular poster. one girl has "keep calm and carry on" above their bed, the other girl has "now panic and freak out". i love it! so happy for these girls, they have made a total dungeon into a home. xoxo

PS my ONLY suggestion is that both girls should have bed skirts, makes such a difference!


  1. i mean i am honored, sister. maggie and i worked very hard at coordinating this dungeon into our little humble abode. it was not easy and we still have more to do but you get the jist of it. waiting on my bed skirt and some anthropology letter to put next to the keep calm posters. hope you all love! xo

  2. 'Now panic and freak out'.... genius. Damn, the Berlin girls have ridiculously good taste.


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