Thursday, September 2, 2010

*le fin*

to bring my impromtu color week to a close, i am showing some rooms that get me in the mood for fall. neutrals. these palates, plus some furry throws and dark accents are amazingly inviting. right up my alley. id move in today.

this morning, its raining and dreary and not only do i not want to get out of bed, i have to get out of bed to pack. ewww! the bright side- i am packing for an amazing labor day getaway to one of my favorite places on earth, lake muskoka (outside of toronto). CANNOT WAIT TO BE THERE! ill be pack to posting on tuesday. have a great long, warm, summery weekend. xo

*sources: my favorite and my best, delight by design and this is glamorous

1 comment:

  1. ok
    A) yes yes YES to fur. The little burner girl in me is joyous to see [and feel] it. I mean who doesn't like soft things to nuzzle in?
    B) we're not the only ones going for fur this fall:
    C) sorry but i had to, Cosmo is absurd.
    D) told you I was commenty today...


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