Thursday, September 30, 2010

tears of... joy?

i am sure you have seen this image a million and one times, but i am not going to apologize for that...

because yesterday someone told me this picture was so happy and peaceful that it made them tear up a little. tear up because she loved it so much, and it moved her... i suppose. after pointing and laughing at her, i decided to post this picture because i love it too, not enough to cry love it, but i love it (and adore massimo vitalli)

so even if you dont cry at the very sight of my blog today, i hope you enjoy!


  1. who's the crazy that teared up? i love me some massimo.

  2. it was so mom wasnt it? ps, love the massimo but i also LOVE the room.

  3. This room reminds me so much of the color scheme I'm going for in my own living room. I love it and will be posting about it and the similarities soon {of course giving you credit for the pic}!


  4. oh can't wait to see cara! thanks for stopping by

  5. I LOVE it too- the yellow wallpaper, the punch of tuquoise and the art!!! Gorgeous!


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