Wednesday, October 20, 2010

haus call

this weekend in new york, i went to a cute little home decor store called haus interior. i remember seeing their gorgeous floors around the different blogs, and fell even more in love with them in person. the wear and tear of traffic has made them a little rustic, and even more amazing.

then last night, i came across these. very similar (if not identical) patterns.

turns out, i love this pattern anywhere, on anything. and still think if you painted it on the walls on your powder room, the flame stitch pattern, would be ahhhmazing. someone do it. and send me pictures. a nice DIY alternative to wallpaper


  1. You have to love the flamestitch. It looks espcially amazing on the floor of Haus- how much would I would love to go to there! The Lindsey Adelman lights (I think they are anwyays) are so gorgeous!

  2. Love the blog! I painted this on my closet wall - here is the link:

    I got the design idea from her!
    -elizabeth (


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