Thursday, October 28, 2010

im a believer

i truly believe that art transforms a space. a room is not complete without it. but i also know not everyone feels this way. so here are some examples of living rooms, to convert you to an art believer.

this room would be nothing without that colorful piece on the fireplace. it ties absolutely everything together. go ahead, cover it in the picture... the room falls apart.

how about this room? (it is madeline weinrib's living room). it would not be nearly as pulled together if it werent for those two black and whites (in a gold frame, my favorite). they bring everything together.

my last example (i could go on for days), the piece in the corner completely anchors the entire room. it pulls it all together with its darkness.

*sources: apartment therapy, elle decor and bazaar of serendipity


  1. Love them all to bits and totally agree about the importance of art. I just posted pics of my living room (and main floor) and talked about how the whole room started from the artwork above the fireplace- the two painted wallpaper panels completely set the mood for the whole room and it wouldn't work without them.
    Back to the pics- I am LOVING that tufted ottoman in the first shot- loving that whole room- alot!

  2. I love a good original. I have a couple of pieces myself that make me very happy. And I have to add... I love the ottoman in that top picture. Delish! xo

  3. great artwork and i love the rooms you chose!


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