Friday, November 12, 2010

black, white and gold!

i just love black and white art. but black and white art in a gold frame takes it to a new whole new level. these pieces would be nothing without the fantastic frames that hold them.

this weekend i am going to experiment with painting again. specifically black and white painting. we'll see how it goes. the first time was definitely not a success.

have a great weekend! xo


  1. what's your medium miss? ... might i recommend sumi ink on rice paper? so much fun

  2. I love the inspiration shots- one of my favourite combos. I did a DIY black/white art piece and it turned out really well- surprisingly easy- it's the one by my fireplace...these picks make me want to put a gold frame on it! Have fun making yours and looking forward to seeing it- have a great weekend!

  3. You know I love this! I frame all my black and white paintings in gold!

  4. Love the look...can't wait to see yours!


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