Thursday, November 4, 2010

the day has come

jayson home and garden (aka the mothership) is starting their annual, weekend warehouse sale tomorrow.

they moved into a new warehouse and its massive, filled to the brim with amazing goodies. i went to this sale last year, in their "small space" and it was UNREAL. the problem was, i had just moved into my condo and had no idea what direction i was going in. but now... i know, and im almost there, but its just screaming for some amazing flea market finds.

i cannot wait!!! i will be there when the doors open. not kidding. who wants to come?


  1. This makes me wish I lived in Chicago!

  2. I wish!!! My sister is actually in Chicago and I'm going there at the end of November- if I had known, I would have made sure to go this weekend- so jealous!!!


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