Friday, November 19, 2010


with the holiday season fast approaching, i decided to share some pretty jewelry with you. maybe something you can accidentally leave open on your computer for a certain someone.

only one problem, this particular line is very pricey. but still fun to look at right?

all of these beauties are by divya diamonds. i love their vintage quality, they could have easily been a family heirloom.


  1. sam would laugh out loud if he saw these beauties purposefully "left on an open computer". so sad.

  2. thanks for adding to my long wishlist :) i'm not even that subtle, i call my mister in, and say "look how pretty this is!! don't you think i need it??"

    haha sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't :)

  3. I am not subtle either! But I figured I should at least pretend to be on this blog

  4. Loving these! Especially the second one!



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