Tuesday, November 23, 2010

mirror, mirror on the wall

i love mirrors. they make rooms appear larger and brighter. two very important qualities! i especially love the idea of a mirrored wall.

using antiqued mirror gives a softer look and laying it down in panels or tiles (without a frame) makes it modern.

would you ever do this in your home? in what rooms do you think it works best?

*sources: habitually chic, tracery interiors, unknown, elle decor, barbara barry,


  1. Love the look of aged/distressed mirror, a little more subdued but still such a beautiful luminous quality.

  2. Love! Would definitely do this in my own home-I love the romatisism of having this kind of mirror in a bedroom- they're dreamy and kind of mysterious so seem to fit in the boudoir.

  3. I love the one behind the nightstand in the bedroom - I would definitely do that!

  4. Love love that mirror by the bed. Have I told you lately you're one of my favorite reads?

  5. This look seems to be getting more and more popular! I saw this done on a fireplace at the Elle Decor Showhouse in San Francisco last weekend. To me, it seems like just another trend from the 80's that is making a comeback! I love the look, especially in a more formal space.


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