Monday, November 15, 2010

a new addition!

through the blogging world, i discovered the amazingly talented Amanda Talley. her work speaks to me. its perfection.

i looked at art for above our dining room table for over a year. but nothing seemed to compare to ms talley's work. so, a couple of months ago, i took the plunge! i commissioned a piece. i sent her pictures of the space (and some colors i liked) and she ran with it! and the end product is amazing. i finally hung it yesterday and it completes the space (i'm only sharing a little section of the room because the rest is not "share" ready).

i couldn't be more happy! thank you amanda! here is a picture of her working on the piece

the finished piece hung up! (taken on my blackberry, sorry!)

and here are some more pictures of her work in beautiful spaces...enjoy!

the zhush's beautiful living room

(via pink wallpaper)

(via house beautiful)


  1. Oh my goodness- you lucky girl!!! It looks stunning in your dining room- love love love!

  2. The perfect piece, I love the contrast of the traditonal wainscoiting and the modern painting, beautiful!


  3. oh my gosh! LOVE it! there's pink in yours right?! amazing!

  4. yes, pink and coral accents! i am so happy with it!!

  5. Wow! Love love love love love. I've been following her work too, and think I might need a piece in my kitchen.... Hmmm. Oh, and thanks so much on the heads up for the art site below. Love it!!

  6. Just found your blog and am so happy I did. Amanda is one of my favorite artists and I actually just visited her studio in New Orleans last week. I brought home one of her smaller pieces but can't wait to upgrade in the future.


  7. Al- I LOVE this piece!!! Looks amazing!

  8. I love her work! It looks stunning!

  9. I love your new Amanda Talley! As you know, I am such a fan of her work...your piece is stunning...and how fun to see my own here in this lovely round up as well!

  10. Thank you so much for the post! The painting looks amazing in your space! I hope I get to meet you and see it in person one day! Happy Thanksgiving.


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