Monday, November 1, 2010

a peak: Bijou and Boheme

so every once in a while you come across a house that makes you want to throw away everything you own and start over. for me, this is the house. its so perfectly eclectic. so bright. so colorful. SO well edited. i love it all.

it belongs to Christine from Bijou and Boheme, you must take a look at the rest of the first floor tour. its beyond gorgeous. and my favorite part is the art above the fireplace (the entire room was designed around it). yum.

thank you for letting me share christine!


  1. Thanks so much for the feature- it's so nice to read such nice things being said about your own home- you made my week!!! xx

  2. lol, i have that same feeling all the time. this home is incredible.

  3. yeah love that art work..also like thats it's two peices over the mantle instead of one.

  4. oh i love this. must check it out more. xoxo


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