Tuesday, November 16, 2010


i have so many beautiful images saved right now. so, today i am going to share a couple with you.

that wood paneling. those flame stitch pillows. that little elephant table.
via jed johnson

that patterned grass cloth. that studded console. that squirrel :)
via moth design

that wallpaper. those pendants so low over that coffee table. that mid century seating.
via desire to inspire

those colorful books. that black and white chair. the hint of spotted hide rug.
via the decorista

that lamp. that tufting. those colors. its moody perfection
via bryn alexandra

what is your THAT factor in a room?


  1. The third one kills me with it's perfection. My THAT factors are interesting furniture pieces, great pattern (in textile or wallpaper) and pink of course:)

  2. the third image is everything that a room should be. and the banquette, i have a love thing for velvet tufting!

  3. that first one looks familiar...noonzie and poopsie. love the "thats"

  4. ive got to admit that I've been totally lacking in inspiration these days. Probably just the cold weather, change of seasons, who knows. But I'm loving every single one of these rooms. So thank you!


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