Monday, November 22, 2010

today, i am thankful for...

for the next couple days my posts are going to feature something i am thankful for. and with it, a perfect little vignette.

today, i am thankful for taking a big leap and following my dream of becoming a designer. it wouldve been easy to stay in my safe advertising bubble, but i am so glad i didnt. i can't wait to see what the next year holds for me.

what are you thankful for today?

*source: elle decor


  1. i am so proud of you for doing that! im thankful for ACK, i have two amazing sisters to look up to. cant wait to be home tomorrow so we can play and so i can steal from your closet...LOVE YOU!

  2. this time of year always makes me thankful for my family. what would i do without them!

  3. i'm thankful for my wonderful MJ lovers who i get to have a hilarious dinner with tonght!! love youuuuu- so proud of you al!

  4. congratulations on taking the big leap! that must have taken a lot of courage!

  5. Love this post - glad you took the big leap! I'm also grateful for my design business and of course - my blog!

  6. I am thankful for YOU and all of my MJ loves in my life. I seriously don't know what I would do without you :) And I looove that vignette.


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