Monday, November 8, 2010

your thoughts: black and white

this weekend i attended a black and white ball where the girls/women were all beautifully dressed. i was surprised at how many dresses i was ooohing and aahhhing over. the boys/men of course looking perfect in their tuxes. but it got me thinking about black and white decor, and how in it is right now.

do you have black and white in your home? do you think its too severe, so you substitute grey? (aka ME) do you add pops of color to brighten it? what do you think of this "trend"?

*sources: elle decor, peppermint bliss, flourish design + style and chapman interiors


  1. I like this trend but like you, I would probably go for a grey in my own home!

  2. I love the kitchen - nothing beats carrera marble! And, I've been in love with Jenna Lyons closet forever! But beyond these two images, I'm not dying for black and white. In short, it is a little too harsh for me. Subtle color adds life to a room and makes for a more soothing space. Just my two cents :)!

  3. you know i'm obsessed with black and white decor... our couch, our dinner/coffee table, our big wall photography, my mirror to end all mirrors... jennys wardrobe.... :)

  4. I love love black and white- I have the IKEA Stokholm rug and I love how graphic black and white is- I also like grey and always want pops of colour to soften it all.
    PS- I just posted a giveaway from JKL design you'll love:)

  5. i love the bathroom! so cute so charming.


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