Thursday, December 16, 2010

grace kelly, is that you?

Here is a peak at Nicole Ritchie's amazing wedding from people. Sorry for the terrible scanned images, but its better than nothing right? Three Marchesa dresses? Pretty much a dream come true. I am a one dress kind of girl but THREE Marchesas are better than one. Always.

At first, something seemed off... The boho chic look she is notorious for was missing, but she looks so classically beautiful. I just have nothing bad to say, at all. What do you think?


  1. I think she looks AMAZING and I am absolutely nuts about her dress- it has a romantic Victorian vibe that I think is divine- Do you think it's the same dress with just the puffy tulle skirt removed? It looks the same on top. Stunning!

  2. I cannot wait to buy this! I adore her and them and she looks stunning!for part two, it is the same top, and the third dress is different...well that is what vogue said at least!

  3. I absolutely adore everything about her gowns, and especially love how their names are embroidered on her sleeve - what a sweet detail! Thanks for sharing the other pics... I hadn't seen any of them aside from first photo!

  4. those dresses are amazing! - i am glad she went for a classic bride look, she looked beautiful!


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