Friday, December 17, 2010


When you decorate your house is there a man in your life that participates in decision making? Or does your man have few opinions? There are a lot of opinions swirling around our place. Every couple things I suggest buying for our condo, ends up getting nixed. I appreciate that he has opinions, and offers input but when he doesnt like some very important design components, it sort of makes me want to cry. For example...

We need new sofas for our family room, and I fell in love with this Room and Board Sofa. Immediately, a big fat NO. Not comfy enough...

I wanted to use this Rubie Green Leopard fabric on a bench. NO WAY.

Wanted this chandelier for our dining room. NOPE.

Am I the only one with these struggles? Does he deserve a kick in the pants or should I feel lucky he cares...? I switch between these two feelings on a daily basis.

I'm not sure I would want a room thats this girly...

m. design

but I would want one like this... and the real question is, would I it be shot down? The silvery tufting and floral wallpaper might push him over the edge.


Luckily, we have found a lot of middle ground. I have opened his mind to upholstered headboards (something he thought he hated). Floral artwork (I win, I win). Wallpaper in the bathroom, done and done. And even have fought and won the battle of pink.

So... the real question, what do you do? I've seen some of you houses and can tell you've won the battle. How about the rest of you?


  1. Oh dear me... the boy and I struggled for months with this. It took me implementing a few things that he discovered he liked. Slowly the trust built up and now he pretty much let's me do whatever I want. But I also know my limits- no floral and no pink. (Except for in my private office.)

    PS- I was eyeing that exact R&B sofa months ago and he nixed it too! So sad. And I'm using that chandelier in a foyer I'm doing!! I'll have to snap a photo and show you when its installed.

  2. Oh yes please email me pictures of the chandelier!! I absolutely love it. And I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who struggles with this. And seriouslyyy, that sofa is beyond gorg, why cant we have it?

  3. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I am in the exact same position! Hate getting my ideas shot down- especially the ones I'm obsessed with!

  4. I would love to be a fly on the wall for these conversations.... Atleast you got some pink in there right?? Baby steps! And I LOVE the second room that you posted with the silvery tufting and floral wallpaper, YES PLEASE.

  5. Ohhhhh yes. You know what I've started doing? Just buy it. I find he just expresses his opinion but then moves on. Whereas if we discuss before the purchase and he's not into it, it's too hard to move forward with it.

  6. I always tell people that my husband is my most difficult client! And I can't believe your man said no to that fabulous chandelier!

  7. I ADORE that sofa- in navy velvet if you please- it's one of my all time favourites. As for boy part of the equation, I override I'm afraid- we always discuss and he says absolutely no to some things but most of the time, I kind of win with the 'I know what's best' diatribe. It's a girls' perogative:)

  8. That last chair is fabulous! I love the purple by it! If I was married, I have a feeling I would still be making all the decisions, but let him put his input in... sometimes (:
    Glad I found your blog! New follower!

  9. I think I wrote a post about this a while ago called - does your husband have a say. MINE doesnt.

    He has three rules: dont spend a lot of money, dont bother me, and the room/item has to function properly and not be annoying.

    Most guys know jack shit about interior design... once you convince him that you arent going to turn his house into a froo froo girly house and that you know how to make rooms comfortable, he should ease up a bit!

  10. This post is like really inexpensive THERAPY! My boyfriend and I are decoring a new home together and he has issues with everything I want to do. Thanks for the cute post to remind me I'm not alone with this one! xoxo - cfox.


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