Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A special day and an even more special thank you!

Today is my 25th birthday. Wish I was celebrating but instead I am taking finals (wah wahhh). But I got to celebrate for about 10 birthday's worth this weekend. It was amazing, I have the best friends ever.

If I have time to take a break today, I'm going to go out for a quick dinner with a very special boy. Fingers crossed.

And THANK YOU special blogging friends for helping me reach 100 followers. It was my goal to hit that before New Years, and instead its a little birthday present. So thank you for being so fabulous and supportive and amazing.

xoxooxoxox A.


  1. Hello there Alexandra! Happy birthday. :) I stumbled on your blog and happy I did. I like to see other smaller design blogs coming along, I started my own fairly recently. You've done a great job!! I have a few very good design friends out in Chicago, and they absolutely love it. It's such a beautiful city!! ( I took the architectural boat tour and went to the merchandise mart this summer and felt- I'm in love! haha!) I just moved out to Santa Monica were I work as a designer in hospitality. Anyhow... happy 25. Mine is sneaking up in Feb... :)

    Thank you for sharing!!


  2. 100 followers and counting. There will be many many more of them for you, my bloggie friend. Happy Birthday. Glad you were able to celebrate big this past weekend :)

  3. Happy Birthday sista sista! So very proud of you!! xoxoxo

  4. Happy Birthday Alex!!! You know I adore you and your blog so very happy for you- I'm honoured to follow your fabulous blog! xoxo

  5. Happy happy birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  6. Happy Birthday beauty!! I love your bloggy blog and taking classes with you :)

  7. Happy Happy Birthday love!!! Congrats on the 100!

  8. I've been reading you on my RSS. Are you counting me, or am I 101?

  9. Happy Birthday!!!!!! xoxoxoxooxox

    and PS That mini macaron tree/ornament thing might be the cutest thing ever. I want it to be my profile pic. haha!!

    have a great day lovey!!!!

    xoxox E&A

  10. Happy Birthday! Love your blog :)

  11. Jill becoming a follower too would be great! So glad you read!

    Jessica, thanks for stopping by! And so glad you love chicago, the architectural boat tour is one of my all time favorite activities/

    Thanks everyone else for the bday wishes!


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