Sunday, December 12, 2010

a very special piece of art

While I am finishing my apartment, the final touches, and to me the most important, are the pieces of art that I have picked. One is a piece my mom "gave" me, another is a special investment I made myself. And then there are a lot of other smaller pieces that are incredibly special to me. I really think that art should mean something. It doesn't have to be expensive, or a family heirloom, but it is such a great opportunity to have something you love to look at. Sure, I have a Warhol print from that I love, but in general, I try to maintain a collection of pieces with some meaning.

My mom inherited one of the most amazing, meaningful, beautiful pieces of art: an oil portrait of her mom, my grandmother, from when she was only 26 years old (done in 1946). My grandma is no longer with us but we have this keepsake that will always hang in our house. One day maybe, I'll even have it in mine.

you can't tell from this picture, but the portrait is massive. probably 6'x3'

What is your most meaningful piece of art?


  1. That is fabulous. How special to have something like that. My most meaningful is a piece that was painted during my wedding reception.

  2. love..I have a print of the klimt the kiss-I stuied abroad in austria-but it is adorned with swarovski is absolutely stunning

  3. Chassity, I saw that painting on one of your posts, its amazing! So special

    Danielle, I would love to see that piece it sounds gorgeous and so unusual

  4. oh wow that's so amazing!! we have exactly one piece of art... and so i guess it's my favorite, just a beach view w/palm trees, a wave, and of course some sand :)

  5. gma iyeee, love this, love her. so glamorous. miss her and her potstickers :)


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