Thursday, December 9, 2010

what is your girly style?

nicole at sketch42 had such a fun idea this week... to use images to define your own personal style. so i started to think, what is my style? its traditional but contemporary. its glamorous but liveable. one word that kept coming to mind was feminine. but feminine can be defined about 1,000 different ways. so while i perused some of my favorite images from last month's rue i realized that almost every image i pulled could be defined as girly or feminine.

pink, with pops of color and a retro vibe?

vintage, soft pink?

tufted, metallic, floral glamor?

simple, clean with subtle femininity?

in your face, hard rock girliness?

or muted romantic?

what kind of girly do you like? or do you hate it all together?

i think if i lived alone my answer would be different, but with a picky boy in the house, my answer is subtle pops of femininity. im allowed some pink. and very few florals. but im getting there.


  1. I'm definitely feminine too. But yes, hard to do when you live with a man :) Luckily i love greys.

  2. i love feminine touches... but i agree, it does get tricky when you have to incorporate a masculine perspective. thank goodness for pretty accent pieces, fabulous materials, and a little bit of sparkle.
    my fave pics are the pink, with pops of color and a retro vibe and the tufted, metallic, floral glamor.

  3. I'm all about feminine style- luckily my hubby is good with it as long as there is some mid-century thrown in there. I like all of the above mixed together- vintage, soft, a little rock thrown in, some modern touches, and of course some tufted shiny glam. xo

  4. The first two pictures pretty much sum up my style. I definitely fall into the vintage category.


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