Friday, December 3, 2010

whats hangin?

on wednesday i did a post on untraditional christmas trees, so today i wanted share some unusual wreaths to go along!

these are some of my favorite ones:

now you can get some of your own!

west elm

art effect chicago


and again, i went the traditional route. so boring, i know. here is mine:

frasier fur, red bow and a silver sparkly wreath hook. what does your wreath look like this year?


  1. Mine is still a work in progress- I did the yard thing but it's not nearly as fabulous as the one you posted. I love love the lace doilie (have no idea how to spell that word) one and yours is very pretty- some traditional things are that way for a reason- they're elegant and have stood the test of time:)

  2. Look up the white (fake) fur wreath on Nesting Place. It is great! Ann


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