Monday, December 6, 2010

Your Favorites: The Now Stylebook

after taking that little survey a couple of weeks ago, i learned that most of you would like to see some guest posts around here. and i don't blame you! guest posts are my favorite on most blogs. it is so much fun to get to know other bloggers, some that you already know and some that you don't. my other favorite thing... getting to see the beautiful insides of other bloggers homes. there are some seriously amazing people in this blogosphere and i am so excited to share them with you!

so here they are, the amazingly talented girls of the now stylebook, and their favorite things!

i dont know about you but i am speechless after seeing these girls' homes. They are glamorous, feminine, funky, different and perfectly put together.

the girls have also included quite a few source links for all of you as well, so you can check out some of the things they mentioned!

dining room rug: madeline weinrib
her designer: sam sano
living room rug: west elm
black tuxedo chairs in living room: crate and barrel
living room curtain panels: west elm
the velvet animal fabric on her bench: childress fabrics
customized matchbooks: for your party

salt and pepper shakers: marcel dzama
pink chandelier print: duffy london
living room couch: z gallerie
"favorite textile" blanket: anthropologie
duvet cover: rubie green
turquoise console: mercury design

thank you so much for sharing annie and elizabeth! xo

so sorry for the formatting issues this morning


  1. I adore Annie and Elizabeth and just peaked inside Annie's home last night coincidentally-I was utterly blown away and now seeing Elizabeths here, amazing! I love their style and am so thrilled to be blogging buddies with them, and with you!!! Great guest post- totally loved it:) xo

  2. Alex!!! Thank you so much for featuring us for your first guest blogger post! We adore you and are so honored to be a part of Things that Sparkle. xoxo Annie & Elizabeth

  3. i just stalked their blog, love it!! amaz taste and they have the cutest apartments ever. lvoe the guest blog idea.

  4. I love the guest blog idea. I especially like the featured textiles in both houses. More guest bloggers please? I know a few who I would like to see on here :)

  5. They both have amazing taste! Love it.

  6. What a fun idea to see the the favorites of both of them...fabulous!!

  7. What gorgeous things. I enjoy their blog as well.


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