Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Your furry friend

Its frigid in Chicago right now and its really hard to look cute when its so freezing and your nose is so red, but these girls have seriously pulled it off. With the exception of one (she looked too cute not to include), they are all wearing fur, a very important part of the equation. I love fur, I know, so bad, but I love it. I got a fur snood for my birthday. And I live in my fur vest.

What do you think of fur? Totally acceptable or completely deplorable?

*sources: the satorialist and morgan lyn


  1. I guess I don't really have a strong opinion. But I love the look of it. And it's really frigid here in Charleston right now too! We're not used to this weather down here!!

  2. I just bought a fur hat and I have to say that I adore it. I go back and forth on the issue but feel great about reusing vintage fur. I do love love the look of it though and nothing is as warm as a fur.
    Hope you had a great birthday celebration btw!!! And PS, I'm running a jewelry giveaway that I think you'll love - great belated b-day present to yourself:)

  3. Love it! Especially vintage fur. xo

  4. I love to wear a fur when it is as frigid as it is now......brrrr!!

    Art by Karena

  5. love a good fur! I scored a FAB fauz fur from forever 21s twelve by twelve line i cant wait to rock new years eve!

  6. LOVE that image of the girl texting from Sartorialist! Freezing here in NY too...mama wants a new fur, badly!


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