Sunday, January 9, 2011

dress for dresses

Isn't it incredible the purposes that clothing can serve? We wear it. We design it. We study it. We lust after it. We LOVE it.

But it can also be art...

These photographs are not only incredibly beautiful pieces of editorial artwork, the dresses that are in them, are pieces of art on their own.

Can you imagine if these women were just wearing a tank and jeans? Sure, they'd be pretty pictures, but COME ON, the dresses just totally and completely make it.

I really do love dresses more than any other article of clothing. I wear them at every single opportunity I have. Casual, dressed up or formal, love them all. It is a very serious addiction.

Here are some I've been watching recently:

Nicole Miller (I know, right?? I was surprised too)

So these dresses might not be editorial worthly, but I really love them. I actually tried on the last one at an incredible shop in Chicago, Sarca but by the time I decided I want to buy it, they sold out. But now, I've found it online, and I think I have to own it. Its actually incredible in person. Exposed zipper in the back, totally asymmetrical neckline, crunchy scrunchy black perfection (I am not a fan of the cuts in the sleeves, definitely sewing those up).

Sorry for the rambling post, but dresses are worthy of a serious rambling.

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  1. Ohh, dresses are my weak spot when I'm shopping too. I can't help but buy them up more than anything else in my closet...

  2. Dresses as art, I love it! I would love to have some of these gowns hanging on my closet..I mean wall :)

  3. Gorgeous- that yellow dress photo by Raversi is to die for isnt' it...his photos slay me. I just bought a sparkly Club Monaco dress yesterday and can't wait to wear it- I love getting all girlied up in a beautiful dress. Definitely think you should get that black one-it's fabulous!

  4. I am with you. You just can't beat a great dress. All the pics are just lovely. You made some great selections too:)

    Amy R.

  5. These are all so gorgeous but I really like the Nicole Miller Black Dress.Glad I found your blog!

  6. I'm totally with you! Dresses and photography were made for each other especially Mario testino's work! He is the best! Thanks for coming to my blog today and becoming a follower!! Love your blog!!!


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