Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grey for the day

Is there anything more perfect than cream or white paired with grey? And even better when there are pops of geometric patterns, black and colorful flowers.

This is exactly where my living room takes inspiration from. One day I will get my walls repainted and my couches reupholstered, and you'll see. Sound far away? Hopefully not. Making baby steps everyday.

So with this... does anyone have recommendations for a nice, middle value grey? Here is the thing... can't have too much red (goes totally purple in my space), but don't want too much blue either (too cold for me). The best I've found so far is Anonymous by Behr at 25%. Any other ideas?

And PS thank you all for your sweet comments about my sisters work, glad we share the admiration. She's a talented little one isn't she?

And PPS that last, gorgeous entry way belongs to a fellow blogger! Aren't you in love?

*sources: la dolce vita, lonny, made by girl, and dwellers without decorators


  1. Mmm, you know i love this post and totally agree :)

  2. I just love grey. It is the perfect neutral color! I am totally loving the first and last grey rooms. Sadly, I do not have any color recommendations for you...Good luck though!

  3. my living room is dunn edwards baby seal gray. it is fabulous!

  4. Gray is one of my favorite colors to decorate with! What doesn't it go with?? ;-)

    Happy Tuesday Darling! xo

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  5. That first room is too cuty and cheerful- great pics.

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  6. I love Forde Abbey by Ralph Lauren - but it might not be dark enough to get the depth you are looking for.


    Just popped over from The Goods Design - love the blog!


  7. I could not agree more, I love the combo in interiors and fashion! x


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