Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I think this should probably be a new series...Anywaysss

Here are just a couple rooms where art is EVERYTHING. Completely completes the room. And Christine (of B & B) there's a little treat in here for you!

If you could buy one special piece of art for your home what would it be? For me... I think it would be a Massimo Vitale
Or maybe a Lana Gomez
So what would be your one investment piece be?

*sources: Design Darling, La Dolce Vita, Sketch42, The Now Stylebook and Bijou & Boheme


  1. I luv what art cando to a space. And christine's image is DIVINE. I need to know though, why the heck isn't your amanda talley in this post?!?! ;). Btw, did u see she's coming out with fabrics? Will be nothing short of perfection.

  2. oooo HELLO love Lana Gomex, thanks for the intro.
    Also that black wall, white rocky console thing room is pretty awesome. As is Christine's foyer!

  3. ummmmm is that Rihanna in the third piece of art with the big pink hair?? Take a second gander... swear it's her.

  4. Ah Alex, you're so sweet- thanks so much for including my Cricket in your post! I completely agree that art makes a space- I couldn't have a home without it and now with more artists selling on sites like Etsy etc. it's so much more accessible/affordable. Thanks for the introduction to Lana Gomez...I'm in love with that piece- off to see more. And I too would LOVE a Massimo Vitale- I've been combing Etsy for something similar for a while. Oh and I agree with Chassity need to do an edit and post a pick of your Talley gorgeousness! xoxo

  5. Love all you girls.

    Christine, can we invest in a joint Massimo Vitale for our new office? :) PS Sarah Richardson has one in her office, I'm crazy jealous


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