Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Local Designer: Anne Coyle

You might recognize this room, I know I did...

Turns out it was done by a local, Chicago designer, Anne Coyle. As I looked through her portfolio I recognized quite a few spaces I had seen before. But I also realized I really loved her living rooms specifically. Here are a couple that stood out to me:

These rooms were by far my favorite and just happened to all be living rooms. Do you have a room that is your favorite to execute, or comes the most easily to you? Bedrooms are definitely that for me. They always seem to come together seamlessly.


  1. I love these rooms too! My living room is the easiest for me but I am about to redesign my bedroom so we will see!

  2. these are amazing. i love to design childrens bedrooms, the possibilities are endless.

  3. I just found your blog after posting a comment on the Decorista and really like it! I have lots of space in my new house and am searching like crazy for beautiful pictures to use as inspiration! -cfox

  4. So lovely! I adore the hits of pink and the overall colour palate of all of these. As for me, we've talked about it before but I definitely find living rooms the easiest/most fun to do- Also like children's rooms and bathrooms- finding kitchen and master bedroom more of a challenge.

  5. I adore them! The rug is my favorite...but so many details are so close :)

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  7. That first living room is amazing. I often find bedrooms and living rooms that inspire me momentarily. I just found your blog through Look Linger Love. Love your style.

  8. I absolutely love that third living room. I lurve that unique looking light thingy hanging from the ceiling

  9. This photos are amazing! I love all of the splashes of color and mixture of patterns. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!


    Molly Jane

    Ps. Stop by and say hello!


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