Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Healthy Disguise

So here's the thing. Some people are disciplined and fitness focused, and I really am jealous. But its just not me. Never ever has been. So, in an effort to not weigh 6,000 pounds there are a couple lazy-man's tricks I have. Maybe this is interesting to you, maybe you are disgusted with the fact that I eat pizza on a way-too-regular basis (oops, did I really just overshare?) but I figured I would put it out there, in case anyone else was in a similar situation.

Here are a couple tips for staying healthy, without a whole lot of effort, I call them healthy disguises, because the more I can trick myself the better!
The first trick is Quinoa. It is seriously a supergrain. So healthy. It has the more protein than ANY other non-meat food. Insane right? You cook it just like rice and eat it just like rice. I use it as a substitute for my favorite orzo salad, as a side when I grill and basically for just about anything. The easiest recipe I like is adding dried cranberries, crumbled feta, fresh basil and a little salt and peppper. Its delish.

The next thing on my list is brown rice pasta. I am obsessed with pasta. I would eat pasta for every single meal if I could (but I have to have pizza every once in a while too...). This pasta tastes so much better than whole grain or wheat pasta (they are so dry) and cooks much pretty much the same way. The one problem is that it can get a little mushy so I definitely recommend cooking it al dente. This is the specific brand I buy, but the others are pretty decent too.

The next disguise is chicken sausage. I am not a big meat lover, theres something about the meaty taste that is really icky to me, so the more disguised the meat is, the better. This chicken sausage is pure heaven. First off, its 100 calories for one whole sausage and a great source for protein. I put it in pasta, I grill it, I eat it straight off the George Foreman grill. I am known for this chicken sausage because I cook it so often. My friends know and expect that most every meal I make for them will include it. They also have like 10 other flavors but this is my favorite. I buy it at Whole Foods, but they have it at some regular grocery stores too!
The last thing, and the only nonfood related disguise is "superslow".

Ok so a little background, I HATE exercising. Its gross. I just hate it. But the problem is, I am 25 and really not in shape. Bad Alex. So I started workouts that are called Superslow. Here are the details:
- It is a 20 minute work out, that you do no more than twice a week
- You go to special superslow locations, and it is supervised by a superslow trainer
- It is not a fun 20 minutes. I am just being honest with you. I have been doing it for over 6 months and there is not a single time that I am not sore the next day. And while you are there, you are not a happy camper. On my way out the other day, a lady on her way in, stopped me and said "Oh my god, I am so jealous you are finished".
- Its different from other strength training because you spend 2 minutes on each machine, and do reps of 10 seconds up and 10 seconds down. The last rep has a 10 second hold at whichever spot the trainer thinks is most difficult for you.

It isnt really going to make you skinny, but it will tone you and make you a muscle man like nothing else. 40 minutes a week? Can't beat it.

Was this boring? Just hoping to share some new things outside of design. Should I just stick with design? Maybe so...


  1. I loved it!!!! And I made the feta/cranberry/basil side again last night and yet AGAIN they did not have quinoa at the store but it was delish with toasted nut couscous!

  2. I want that salad- sounds soooo good and no it wasn't boring at all- I read every word. I have tried every non white past known to man (went through quite a long non-gluten phase) adn that one is definitely my favourite. And as for the exercise, I am so so so with you- I hate how everyone loves it but I just hate it. I've never heard of this superslow thing but I think I could actually maybe do this- it's the whole everyday gym thing that ticks me off most about exercising- I used to be a big runner but now, apres kids, I'm just not and I'm in that I look ok in clothes but past that, not so much so might look into this- might;) Great post lovely!

  3. Surprise surprise. i'm not into exercising either. :( And I probably don't have the best eating habits either... :( Great post.

  4. We have a lot of the same sneaky tricks! Love me some chicken snossage, one of my favorite "healthful" (do I sound like Rachel Ray? If so, kill me) meals is chicken sausage with whole wheat pasta (I dont mind it) and kale. Somehow 3 healthyish things come together to make something delicious. MIRACLE
    I am going to ahve to start trying quinoa methinks.

  5. i can attest to the fact that alex makes chicken sausage for every meal she makes for her friends. this is not a complaint, we love it as much as she does...
    and also her spinach puffs... remember when i thought everyone was going to eat them before i got a chance to so i hid some in your cabinet? what is wrong with me?????? omg. not ok.

  6. I am seriously going to look into Superslow... I despise working out and need all of the helpful "shortcuts" I can get! Thanks for all of the tips, and NO it wasn't a boring post at all! xo

  7. I'm dying!! First of all I <3 pizza too & I do eat pasta for every meal - I think I was Italian in a previous life. I've been trying to eat more quinoa because I'm a quasi vegetarian and they say it's good for you - I toast pecans, throw in pomegranate seeds & green apple pieces for a breakfast take on quinoa. It's delish!

  8. I'm happy someone is on the same regime I am : ) Pasta is my JAM but I suppose I could mix things up with a little rice substitute every now and then. That workout sounds excruciating but worth it — especially if it gets you into a little Jay Godfrey number!

  9. i've been wanting to try quinoa! i've been hearing a lot of good things about it... and i hate exercising too!! :)

  10. I'm always looking for tips on how not to be a fatass--or be less of one lol "Superslow" seems to be the work out I do now...but not as excruiating as the one you're doing ;)

    I am now resolved to try Quinoa!

  11. you know i love this post :) I will try that pasta, although it still makes me feel weird that it's rice, but maybe ill be able to eat pasta more often!? I love exercise!!!! ;)

  12. Oh my gosh you are so cute! Not boring at all! Shoot, I just rambled a bit about Ginger root tea and Spicy food for being sick--- we can't stick to design alll the time can we ;)? Love it! I'm an excersize enthusiast and am here to support you. I run nearly every day and hate it at least 75% of the time. For those who say you fall in love... do what is healthy that works for you!!

    xo Jessica Rae
    {lovely ugly design}

  13. Good for you, Alex! I'm a new fan of quinoa too!

  14. Ohhh i like posts like this!! Your quinoa recipe sounds delish :) I made it once but it forsure needed some oopmh..


  15. I actually think pizza is a healthy food;) If you only eat one slice and you eat it for lunch- you are way better off than if you ate a salad with a scoop of tuna and a load of dressing. Especially because you wont be hungry for a while.

    That slow work out sounds interesting. Im dreading having to get back in the saddle after baby. You have no idea how hard it is to run when you are 20+ pounds overweight.


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