Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Summer Thornton is one of my favorite designers. She is unbelievably talented and her spaces are always glamorous, unusual and perfectly eclectic.

Her new office was recently featured in CS Interiors and then again, on Apartment Therapy, and even though you may have seen it at both or either of these locations, I just had to share.

My thoughts:
1. That wallpaper? Unreal
2. Burled wood file cabinets? Yes, please
3. The exposed brick in a space not decorated like a man pad? Perfection
4. Floor to ceiling inspiration board? Done and done
5. Amazing light fixture? Always
6. Colorful, abstract art? Heaven

So not only does she create spaces like this... but shes based out of Chicago! Wow is all I can say.


  1. First thing I thought when I saw the images was: exposed brick - amazing! white modern desks - love it! But by far my favorite is the inspiration board, coveting that!

  2. Loving the contrast of the feminine floral wallpaper and the more modern art on the wall. Looks great!

  3. i never get tired of her! she is soo amazing.

  4. I HAVE to HAVE to HAVE to own that wallpaper- it's seriously making me crazy. Do you know what it is? And ps, LOVE her!!

  5. love love love the floral wall paper. it's so fun!

  6. yesssss! 1. Love the burl!!! 2. Those girls are so cute 3. LOVE the wallpaper!

    xoxoxooxox E&A

  7. This office is so me. Love every single thing about it!

  8. Nothing but yummy-ness all around! I love Summer's work as well. That wallpaper is stunning! Thanks for sharing this :)
    Nancy xo

  9. I'm with everyone else...that wallpaper is ridiculously good. Funny enough, I'm actually obsessing about her blue dress...hmm, go figure. But FABULOUS!

  10. I hadn't seen it.. wow, I'm glad I have now! It's SO good! x


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