Thursday, February 24, 2011

Power of Pink: Chicago

So last week I got an email from Public Relations at House Beautiful saying that they read my blog (gasping...) and wanted to let me know about an event they have coming up next week. Yes. And it involved pink. Yes.

I got the details and although I'm actually out of town this weekend, I wanted to share it with any local readers who might wan to participate! 

Here are the details:

On Saturday, Feb 26 through Monday, Feb 28, House Beautiful will hide more than 30 pink chairs ranging from $10 to $3,700 in multiple locations around the city – everywhere from tourist spots like the Navy Pier to trendy neighborhoods like Ravenswood.  By following House Beautiful on Twitter (@House_Beautiful) people will receive clues to the chair locations and the first person to find the chair, gets it for FREE.  

 House Beautiful secured gorgeous pink chairs from a variety of companies including Crate & Barrel, The Container Store, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Arhaus, Pottery Barn, and more. 

The chairs will be placed one at a time over a period of the three days. Whether it's someone who reads their tweets or just a stranger passing by, these beautiful freebies are sure to capture some interest and generate a lot of excitement.

In addition to the pink chairs, House Beautiful will also be painting the city pink in these ways:

* Mon, Feb 21 – Sat, Feb 26: Pink window displays in Crate & Barrel and The Container Store

* Sat, Feb 26 – Mon, Feb 28: Pink chair drops around town (as mentioned above)
* Sun, Feb 27: Ravenswood Pink Art Walk and reception (12pm to 5pm – pink chair drops will happen in the neighborhood):
o        House Beautiful is partnering with the Ravenswood Art Center to create the first Ravenswood Pink Walk on Sunday, Feb 27 - it's going to be epic. More than 100 local artists are expected to create pink art to benefit the Ravenswood Elementary School art dept. 

More info is available here


  1. Makes me want to visit Chicago for the pink chair hunt:)

  2. That's awesome, Alex! Congrats. And makes me miss Chicago : (

  3. You must have been so excited!! Isn't it funny how we really have no idea who is out there reading??

  4. None of your regular readers are surprised HB is reading, too! Congrats...and what a cute idea!

  5. Amazing, Alex!!!
    I Just read about this a couple of days ago, and will be scouring the city in hopes of taking home a chair!! :)

  6. Oh my goodness how cool is that?!!

  7. um how cool is that! thanks for sharing, i might have to go chair hunting :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  8. Seriously insane when you think about how you have no idea who all reads your blog... That's so cool, Alex. Too bad you have a prior commitment.

  9. Alexandra, tell them they must come to Kansas City next!! What a fabulous idea!!

    Art by Karena

  10. this sounds SO FUN! wish i could go on the hunt in chicago! :)


  11. How fun. What a genius idea. I wonder how many people will see a pink chair and not even know that it's for a game.

  12. How fun and absolutely brilliant. We're moving into our new home this weekend, and now I fear I won't be of much help moving, I'll be too busy looking for pink chairs! :)

  13. I want to be part of this...I wish they would do it in Atlanta!

  14. How completely amazing is this???? I would love love to be in Chicago for this pink bliss-so fun!

  15. First and foremost, so awesome that they are blog stalking you! (c: And second, gosh I wish I lived in NYC! A pink chair scavenger hunt??? It's like a dream come true...

  16. Alexandra, Thanks for the posting of this pink event. As a professional fine artists specializing in abstract landscape oil paintings. I have worked on commissioned paintings for interior designers and have maintained my painting studio in the Ravenswood corridor for over 15 years, so I am super excited to participate in the Ravenswoood Pink Walk. Thanks again!

  17. I wish I found your blog a month ago!! I live in Ravenswood!!!


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