Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Your Favorites: Danielle Oakey Interiors

I know it hasnt even been a month since our last guest post,  but I decided I love them so much I am going to do them every two weeks, instead of once a month. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Today we have the amazingly talented Danielle Oakey (have you seen what this chick can do?? I am insanely impressed). Well if you haven't seen her yet, get ready to be introduced to some serious talent...

Hi, I am Danielle from Danielle Oakey Interiors.
I am so excited to be here today!
Maybe if I behave I will get an invite to her Valentines day dinner next year...
Alex asked me to answer 5 questions, so here we go!

1. What is your favorite room & why?
This is such a difficult decision.
I live in 900 sq.ft which only gives me a couple of options.
I finally decided on my living room!
I spend the majoirty of my time here.
I love that it is light, cozy, cheerful, and childproof!

I still have big plans for this space, starting with the ottoman.
I originally made the ottoman from an old coffee table.
I change the fabric every couple of months thanks to a messy 2-year-old!
And I love dwell pillows from target.

2. What is your favorite piece of furniture & why?
I love my bright yellow television stand from Ikea.
It is such a statement piece.
What's not to love about it?

3. What is your favorite textile & why?
I can't get enough of my DIY blue & white chevron curtains.
They add the perfect amount of geometric pattern to my window wall.

4. What is your favorite piece of art & why?
This was such a difficult decision.
I actually don't have much art in my home (ahhh, I know!)
This is something I am working on!
I do love this piece though.
I purchased it at a thrift store for $5.00
I love that it is an original piece of art!
it is the perfect piece for my master bedroom!
I also love my DIY deer heads.
Kinda funky and my daughter adores them!

5. What is your favorite miscellaneous item & why?
I have such a soft spot for this silver bird I purchased from a thrift store for $.75!
It is actually a pepper shaker but it is the perfect touch in my daughter's room.

Wow, are you tired of me yet?
Thanks so much for having me Alex!


  1. i love all of the touches of yellow! so refreshing and pretty :) xoxo jcd

  2. I love all the happy details. It is so thoughtful of you to include your daughter in all the special touches:)

  3. I have lusted after that yellow credenza from IKEA FOREVER!! It is absolutely divine and I love it in Danielle's space. Loved seeing more of her home in this post. Fabulous series Alex;) xo

  4. I love Danielle's sense of style! Her home is so trendy and fun!

  5. Danielle is so talented!! Her little daughter's room is my favourite!! Great series!!

  6. What a fun series. I love her home, and think it's decorated so beautifully!

  7. I love Danielle! Thanks for sharing. Loving those curtains and yellow tv stand!

  8. Love Danielle, she totally rocks and I was sooo blown away by her latest touch to her daughter's room.

    Loved seeing more here today.

  9. Love that yellow TV stand best of all! Danielle has such fab ideas! xo

  10. So many wonderful ideas to digest here! What a beautiful, sunny room!

  11. absolutely LOVE THAT MEDIA STAND! gorgeous!


  12. What an amazing all of her picks! That ikea tv stand is gorg!

  13. such a happy space. Love those curtains. I like seeing what people do with white brick spaces. I'm still compiling ideas for my own!

  14. I NEED that tv stand!!! How long ago did you buy it at IKEA? please dont tell me it was years and years ago... it is fantastic! Thats just what I've been looking for and something like that seems to be near impossible to come by...

  15. so into yellow these days...I love the softness of everything here with that pop of the lemony yellow! great post! xoxo {av}

  16. hi I found your blog today, parabens are all gorgeous! I was in love with this bookcase ikea tv yellow. Where can I find? I want one just like it! lol


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