Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Your Favorites: designstILes

Today we are back with the guest series "your favorites". This is my absolute favorite because I lovely a creepy, stalkerish, look into beautiful blogger's homes. Today, we are stalking the amazingly talented Irene. I KNOW you've seen her gorgeous bathroom.

In awe?? And now... we get to see the rest of her gorgeous home!!


Hey Sparklers, it's Irene from designstILes. Super pumped that Alex asked me to participate in this series. Her blog is a daily visit and she had me blushing a bit when I received her email asking me to share my favorites.
It's a toughie to narrow favorites down but I think I chose wisely and from the heart. Here you go.

Favorite Room

I'm going with my office. It's the one room in the house that feels the most complete. It's where I spend the most time, the room I blog from and it's the very first room people see when they walk into our house. I think it sets the tone for what can be found throughout the rest of the house.

Favorite Piece of Furniture
 My faux ostrich coffee table. I think it's pretty badass, something I am not. It's edgy and cool. And it has nailhead trim! I mean, I'd nailhead trim my toilet if I could.

Favorite Textile
This textile isn't anything anyone would use in their house, ever. It's a little embarrassing to admit but whatever, we're all friends here, right? I love it and have trouble sleeping if it doesn't go to bed with me. It's none other than my husband's blanket from when he was like 9. A baseball blanket I've been sleeping with since we got married almost six years ago. It's old, it's dingy but it's the most comforting thing I've owned since I parted with my baby blanket. I carry it around the house all the time because my husband is cruel and turns the air conditioner on even in the winter. I freeze if it drops below 70.

Favorite Piece of Art
This piece of art is something someone gave me on our honeymoon in Jamaica.
My husband and I walked into this store I wouldn't necessarily purchase anything from. For whatever reason the owner let me pick something from his store. I felt kind of bad because I didn't really like anything and didn't want to offend him for not taking anything even though it'd be free. Off in some nook this piece stood out because of the words in the bottom right corner. My family's been calling me Nene since I was a kid. And the initial of my new last name would be L. So random and weird. It was a sign of something, I'm sure. Still trying to figure it out. Cool nonetheless.

Favorite Miscellaneous Item
This thing is more outside our house than in, but it's still a favorite. It's a metal flamingo! I guess it's less tacky than the plastic ones. Although I like the plastic ones too. I bought him at the Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena. First time I saw him, he was SOLD. I was like, sold? Who the hell would buy this? I was genuinely disappointed. Months later we met again. For sale. Now he's mine. All mine. Greetings, he says.

And that's the end of my favorite things.
Thanks for letting me share some of my junk, Alex.


  1. I love Irene's style! Or should I say, stILe! Such a perfect mix of lacquer-pop meets eclectic, colorful, accessories genius.

  2. So gorgeous! So much glossy goodness, color graphics and gold! Lovely.

  3. I need that faux ostrich coffee table!!! It's perfection! :)

  4. beautiful! love the red and gold powder room!

  5. Love the office! The glossy black fireplace and that inspiration board! So fab!

  6. It's all pretty awesome but that coffee table with the gold studs is amazing. I want, I need, I have to have.

  7. I didn't think it was possible, but I love Irene even more now than I did yesterday...um, in a non-creepy and stalker-ish way (since we were on that subject)! I might just be seriously working out how to put nailheads on a toilet...hey, it's something to think about!!!

  8. Love it ! That bright wall paper is amazing but the coffee table has to be my favorite !!


  9. oh how i miss the rose bowl swap meet! love that wallpaper in the bathroom. everything is gorgeous.

  10. Gorgeous bathroom and that office space is lovely too! Always fun to take a sneak peak! :)

  11. love, love, love this series! That bathroom and office space are so beautiful.


  12. Oh goodness. I've found a new favorite home (and style). Definitely not junk in my book. ;)

  13. Thanks Alex for having me. I appreciate all the love.


  14. I love Irene and loved her favorite things. I'm dying over that ostrich table!! divine!! and the flamingo, if i was a new neighbor, i'd bake her a pie and introduce myself. xo

  15. I just love this series, Alex. You should do them more often. And Irene I love all your things!

  16. Irene's stuff is the shiz! I obviously love her! Great series Alex!

  17. i ditto chassity - this series is so. fun.

    irene, love your style, girl! can't wait to see that toilet when you're done :)

  18. Loved reading through this ~ Irene is real, refreshing, and quirky, and I mean that in the absolute best sense of the word!

  19. This is a strange thing to be narrowing in on, but I LOVE that pencil cup on the desk! Irene, any chance you could share where it's from?

  20. My gosh, Irene, I love, love your sytle! And that pink flamingo clearly is meant to be! I have a flying pig in the garden who I'm sure wouldn't mind a company of a tall pink flamingo. Seriously, where can one get one?

    Alexandra, I'm really enjoying this series!

  21. Love the bathroom and there are no words for the office! I wish I could blog from there!


  22. Me = huge Irene fan. Love her style, love her sense of humor even more. Glad this series is back!

  23. This series rocks! That bathroom is insane!! Love the artwork too!! Gorgeous stuff here!

  24. great series and great post! I love the look into her gorgeous home and the funny/cute/personal stories!

  25. Irene, I have that pen holder! Ha!

    Of course I love her home, it's the reason I started stalking her and her fantastic blog!

    And the plastic flamingo...YES!!!

  26. SO GORGEOUS. Wow, seeing pictures like this...just makes me want to get married SO badly. Need to find a guy first ;)

    Loving your blog hun! xo.

  27. Wow that ostrich studded table....id love a dresser like that. Just gorgeous and inspirational! :))))

  28. Wow that ostrich studded table....id love a dresser like that. Just gorgeous and inspirational! :))))

  29. I love that bathroom wallpaper more than anything! Gorgeous!

  30. just stumbled across your blog on pinterest - love it!!!! (huge fan of nail head trim)

    The Casual Classic


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