Monday, November 21, 2011

Chicago Restaurant Guide

Throughout my time blogging I've had quite a few requests for a Chicago restaurant guide. There are so many amazing restaurants in Chicago, sometimes its hard to find exactly what you want. These are my go-to favorites for each category, I hope its helpful!! If there's something that is missing, let me know, I'll fill it in!

Favorite BYOB: Butterfly

Favorite Roof Deck: Zed 451

Favorite outdoor patio: Piccolo Sogno 


Favorite "drinks with a view": Sixteen at the Trump

Favorite brunch with reservations: Prasino


Favorite brunch with a line: Yolk

Favorite Dive Breakfast: Sark's in the Park (but you can only order "The Loretta", I can't vouch for anything else on the menu)

Favorite fancy lunch: Fred's at Barneys

Favorite easy lunch: Southport Grocery

Favorite cozy spot: Gilt Bar

Favorite local Italian: Trattoria Sapori or Tarantino's

Favorite fancy Italian: Prosecco 

Favorite special date spot: Le Colonial
Favorite cupcakes: Sweet Mandy B's

Favorite group spot: Quartino's 

Favorite fun weekend dinner: Hub51

Favorite Mexican restaurant: Zocalo

Favorite scene on a weekend: Sunda

Favorite nice BBQ: Q

Favorite no-ambiance but amazing food BBQ: Smoque

Favorite Burger: The Counter or DMK

Also, my dad happens to be hosting a giveaway via his Twitter, where he is giving away two round trip tickets on American Airlines to anywhere in the continental United States. To enter all you have to do is retweet the giveaway (make sure to tag him in your RT). Thought I would spread the word!


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  2. Definitely need to try ALL of those places!! And yes, your dad is TOO fun!! I retweeted yesterday :-)

  3. I agree with all of these pics! Still haven't been to Prosecco- must.go.soon.
    Good list!

  4. great list!! i still have to go to a few of these :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  5. I am SO happy you did this post, I feel like I have been in restaurant slump and this is motivation to get out there and try new things!

  6. I just signed up on twitter for the first time just to enter your Dad's amazing give away! For poor teachers like myself, that is a jackpot! Love your blog and your amazing style! This post makes me want to go to Chicago asap!

  7. Great round up and I love that your dad is on twitter ;)

  8. I need to check out some of these places! Thanks for the list!

  9. Um...awesome giveaway by your dad! And love the restaurant lineup! xo

  10. Can't wait to see Gilt Bar for myslef next week:) And what an awesome giveaway your dad is doing!!!

  11. This is so good to have! I'll be in Chicago en February and this guide will come in very handy :)

  12. I love so many of the places you mentioned....and have to check out the rest! And thanks for mentioning your dad's tweet...I'm on it! keeping my fingers crossed :)

  13. If I go to Chicago anytime soon I will definitely remember to check out these spots, they sound amazing!

  14. Awesome, keeping this for when I visit!! Hopefully something in 2012 will have me visting!

  15. Love this guide...I need to get my toosh to Chicago STAT! :)

  16. Nice pics! All fab places...and makes me hungry!

  17. i think you have to try out ruxbin in chicago! my close girlfriend is one of the owners and it is awesome. it was voted 2011 top restaurant in the US by bon appetit magazine.

  18. This makes me want to book another trip to Chicago!

  19. love this! and totally with you on zed451, dmk and sweet mandy b's!!

  20. J & I have been trying to squeeze in a little Chicago trip this winter for a little culinary tour. Putting these on my list :)


  21. I just moved to Chicago this summer, so thank you for your list! We should arrange a blogger meetup!! :)

  22. So many restaurants are having to raise their prices these days in order to make ends meet, so eating out has become much more expensive that it used to once be.

    Chicago Restaurants

  23. Thank you for sharing, I love Mexican and will definitely have to check out Zocalo! If you feel like staying in I suggest ordering from Diningin: Mexican food delivery in Chicago, IL. It is delicious!


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