Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Your Favorites: vmac+cheese

Today we have a very special treat. Victoria from one of my very favorite blogs, vmac+cheese, is here sharing her favorites! Victoria is one of those bloggers you can just tell is so sweet and genuine the second you start reading. Her blog is the perfect mix of everything from food to fashion and today I am honored to have her here sharing her home!

Hey Things That Sparkle readers! Victoria from vmac+cheese here. I was so excited when Alex put out the call to anyone who'd be interested in sharing their faves on her blog. I can be a little shy about photographing my home, so this was a great opportunity to share a little bit more about myself and where I live! It was honestly tough to narrow down my favorites, and I found myself walking through my house, literally with a piece of paper, jotting down ideas. Here's what made the final cut:

Favorite Room

Definitely have to go with my office. I am lucky enough that the apartment we live in came with this random little den that the boy let me have as my own. I've converted it into a space that's truly my own -- complete with a wall of shoes, an inspiration "clipboard," and a floor to ceiling gallery wall, which I also painted peacock blue. The inspiration wall is made of just some nails, twine and clothespins. Perfect, because we rent, and I can easily take it down when we move out of this place!

Favorite textile

This was a toss up between two things. I have about a yard or so of this beautiful damask ikat fabric (P Kauffman Lunar Sky in fog, if anyone is interested) that I randomly purchased when I was out shopping with a girlfriend while visiting her in LA. It was one of those things where it was just love at first sight. I've been meaning to have a pillow made from it, but I also keep holding on to it, wondering if I'll find another small upholstery project to use it for. Since that's a textile that's not actually in use, the second favorite textile is definitely every part of my bed. I'm all about making the bed as comfortable and luxurious as possible. Best tip: indulge in higher thread count sheets purchased off of Overstock.com. You can get RIDICULOUSLY good deals on sheets there!

Favorite piece of art
Art is admittedly something we need more of in our home. I like for artwork in my apartment to have some kind of meaning, and/or to be something I find truly beautiful. Right now, that often limits us to prints and creative art projects -- I can't wait for the day when we can really invest in large, original paintings. For now, my favorite piece is this print by Tadahiro Uesugi. I'm in LOVE with his illustrations. They're colorful, feminine, and whimsical. This one, called "Against the Light," reminds me of being in Paris in the summer. My boyfriend's sister gave it to me last Christmas, and I'll cherish it forever.

Favorite piece of furniture
Can I say my bed? Okay, I sort of already did. So my other two faves are a bar cart I recently purchased from a local antique store for a steal (I walked by the store window, and they had JUST put it in the display...they were still styling it when I walked in and said I wanted it!), and a long coffee table we have in our front living room. It's sleek, super high gloss white, and I like it because I think it's something we'll have for a long time (and can go with lots of different decor styles).

Favorite miscellaneous item
My grandmother has an enviable collection of antique and costume jewelry, and in the last few years, she's begun giving me pieces of it whenever I visit. On my last visit to her house, I was honored when she gifted me with these two. The first is an antique necklace that belonged to her grandmother (so, my great-great grandmother) in the 1920s. It's an amber and gold pendant, and I've literally been wearing it nonstop since she gave it to me. I love it. The second is even more sentimental. It's a gold and diamond wristwatch my late grandfather gifted her for their 25th wedding anniversary. The back is inscribed with a message of love from him to her. It's so beautiful and it means so much to me that she wanted me to have it. These two things, along with the other items she's gifted me from her collection over the years, are definitely favorites.

Thanks, Alex, for letting me visit today and share my faves!!


  1. This was a fun one to read ~ love vmac + cheese and it was fun getting to know Victoria a little better! (and ps, that ikat fabric is to die for) :)

  2. Love seeing your favorite things Victoria! I especially love the watch - what a sweet and special gift.

  3. Such a great post! Loved your things Victoria :-)


  4. I love Victoria! This post is fab. Oh, and the watch from her grandmother. I just can't get over how gorgeous and sweet it is. xo

  5. Oh my lord....SO many things to love. First, the jewelry- I die over both the necklace and the watch...heaven! Also adoring that glossy white coffee table, the bar cart and that amazing illustration- heading over now to check out more of TUs portfolio. Loved this post and you're right Alex, Victoria is one of those people you just know is so incredibly sweet and fabulous. xo

  6. Love her and those would be all my favorites, too! Such great inspiration! Xo

  7. Victoria - I love how fresh your office looks! It must be a great place to work in. And your bar cart is freakin' awesome. I hope I find a similar steal in the future!

  8. the vintage jewelry from your grandmother is so sweet. the pieces are beautiful on their own, but the story makes them something to truly cherish. love!

  9. I'm so jealous of your office, Victoria. Seriously jealous! And also of your bar cart. It seems like you have a beautiful home all around. xo

  10. definitely need to see more of your pad, V! love these snippets of your space - it looks as cool as you are :)

  11. Adore Victoria's space...the bar cart is divine!! :)

  12. That watch is to DIE for...simply beautiful and so sentimental!

  13. Holy Cupcakes...what an amazing post! I am just getting to know Victoria, but I am thrilled that I do she really is such a sweet person, and an excellent note taker :) The bar cart has me week in the knees! And the jewelry gahhh! <3

  14. Oh my goodness couldn't pick a favorite part if I tried! This looks like the cutest and most comfortable place to live, I love it!! And SO jealous of your bar cart, I'm dying for one :)

  15. Um I'm drooling everything here is so gorgeous. LOVE Victoria!

  16. I love the artwork and your watch!


  17. Oh how fun, we finally get to see more pics of your home! Love your teal gallery wall and your bar cart steal! And how precious are the jewelry pieces? My grandmother gifted me a few before she passed away (tear). I heart them and will pass them on to my daughter when she's old enough.

  18. Love all of your things Victoria. Such an inspiring post!

  19. Such pretty inspiration! I love all of the details!

  20. Thanks, Alex, for hosting me today! I loved creating this post. And thanks everyone for your very sweet and kind comments. I'll have to think about putting together a home tour post! xoxo

  21. WOW, what special jewelry, so touching!

  22. I heart Victoria! Loved this peek into her favorites!

  23. Wonderful post, Victoria! No surprise, though! Thanks for sharing, Alex! :)

  24. SUCH gorgeous inspiration! I especially love that watch - so special =)

  25. Love - that watch is so special.

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  26. I LOVE that necklace! And that print. So much good stuff going on in this post!

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