Friday, July 27, 2012

Random Friday

I have this beautiful photograph heading my way courtesy of my roomie. So very excited. Love that the sand is sort of pinky. Cannot wait to hang it.

I am also a little teensy bit obsessed with these little rain boats

How freaking cute is this bow? Definitely on the need list.

Yes, this is lots of randomness. But lastly, my cousin is selling this coffee table and before she listed it on craigslist she wanted to offer it to TTS readers. 

Bought new from Pottery Barn 1 year ago, $60 (or best offer) 
"weathered" dark wood
Chicago area only 

If you are interested email her at

Have a great weekend! I'm seriously ready for it. 



  1. I have that Gray Malin print too! It's been sitting in the tube for such a long time that I've almost forgotten what it looks like.. oops.

  2. Loving that photo!!! Its definitely a conversation piece - so fun!

  3. I DIE for that photo - anything with a beach really...they are my jam...but I'm a total beach girl!!!!!!!!! Tres Jealous!

  4. That photo is seriously incredible. Will be perfect in your house.

  5. those rain boots are SO cute!! and such a gorgeous photo - the colors are beautiful and it looks abstract at first blush.

  6. Ugh I've been dying over those Gray Malin prints...I am loving the one you picked!! I cannot even decide on one though! We went to Australia/New Zealand on our honeymoon so it would be a great reminder of that! Hope you have a great weekend!


  7. Love that photo and those boots?! Yes. Need.

  8. LOVE those boots.. too cute!

    Happy Friday! Check out my Fab Friday Beauty Tip if you have some time today :)


  9. love the boots!! happy friday :)

  10. I want that print for my gallery wall! haha xoxo

  11. I need those boots also. And why is the weather going to be crappy this weekend? I'm seriously pissed.

  12. Those boots will be perfect for fall in Chicago....and winter....and spring....and probably summer too ;)

  13. Ooh love that coffee table. Too bad I don't live in the area.


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