Friday, August 31, 2012

Lets talk.

There is a lot of regurgitation going on. A lot.

Without naming names, I recently came across an office that had a lot of similarities to an office I had already seen.

A line of jewelry I fell in love with, and then saw the exact same line of jewelry on another website.

It feels similar to a phenonenon I have been noticing with blogging. "The repost". We see pretty pictures on pinterest and then repost. 

I am guilty of it. I am either :

A) inspired by the pictures I repost so I don't think twice about it
or B) don't have time to come up with original content every single day (although I know it will set my blog apart and its what I love on other blogs...)

So is it bad blogging to repost? Bad designing to "borrow" heavily from another designer? 

I'm not sure. I definitely don't like the sounds of it, but with the mass consumption that the internet allows, its becoming harder and harder to avoid.

So let me pose a question. How do you set yourself apart? As a blogger with your content or just as a human being. I want to know.
I know this is heavy chatter for a Friday but I'd love to hear from you.

Have a fabulous long weekend. See you all on Tuesday. xo


  1. Great question, Alex! I try to set myself apart but I'm constantly feeling like just another blog without much to offer. Curious to read what other bloggers say in the comments!

  2. Looking forward to everyone's response! I am starting to think that your blog has to be extremely personal, take more photos, etc. But who knows! I'm lost too.

  3. I try to blog about things that are happening with me personally and sort of relate that to the more "popular" topics, like home design, fashion, and food, but I'm trying to give my own personal spin. I know that my blog isn't the most fabulous looking or has any sponsors, but I try to convey me in it and I hope it shows. But it's hard! Unfortunately because my photoshop skills are next to none and I don't have a big camera, I'm guilty of the above too. I'm looking forward to what other people say!

  4. great post and question- in excited to see the comments. I think I ultimately read a blog because I feel a personal affinity to the writer - so using pinned images doesn't necessarily bother me, as long as he/she explains why they were used. but I hate when I see the same basic post several times in the same week!

  5. I try to be funny and mean all at the same time.

  6. It's a tough balance! I think at the end of the day, it's also about your audience. Xo

  7. I think there is a difference in seeing something admitting to repeating it or seeing it some where else and just putting it up like an original idea. I (with the energy) try and take my own spin on something I am inspired by.

  8. I think every blogger has this struggle but unfortunately it's the nature of design blogging. Original content is hard to come by but when you do post, that's when your readership skyrockets. But, one of the main reasons it skyrockets is because people repost your original content on their blogs and links back to you, offering you a broader readership. I see no foul play in reposting as long as you give proper credit and put a new spin on things. After all, a blog is really personal and ultimately a big book of things that you like and define you and your sense of style. If you really like a kitchen that XYZ blogger posted, why can't you show your readers what you love about it? True that things get monotonous and a bit boring at times, but all the more reason to push us to get out there and show the blogosphere new and exciting things! Keep up the great work, Alex! You always do a great job of showing new content, putting a spin on old content, and sharing your life with your readers!

  9. I honestly have no idea if I'm inadvertently reposting or if someone else is resposting my content - I haven't had much time to browse as I used to! So I suppose I use my blog as an extension of what I'm obsessing over at that particular time. I have to be realistic in terms of how much time I can dedicate to it, and although I would love to post me in style outfits and DIY projects more, at the end of the day, that's not my job. I agree with Lauren above however that as long as you put a different spin on it perhaps it is clear you are thoughtful. But I don't think any blogger should feel entitled that they "own" content unless it is truly your own.

  10. Such a great bloggy topic, Alex. Unless you're only using personal photos, it is so so hard to have original content everyday that hasn't been on pinterest. I kinda think pinterest is hurting the blogging world a little. It helps of course too, I def get a lot of traffic from it, but I don't think it's traffic that turns into loyal readers. I think when you do share something that's been shared and pinned to hell and back you should have a legit reason to want to share on your blog, you know.

    It's tough. I struggle with it. When I first started blogging 2 years ago I got a lot of ideas from pinterest. Can't really do that anymore. I try to be as original as I can but frankly there isn't always a ton of time to produce really great original content that is inspiring to readers other than your parents, you know?

  11. lauren sort of nailed it. the same images i've seen elsewhere can do very different things if put into unique context. i find that i'm following fewer and fewer blogs, and it usually comes down to voice, a unique aesthetic, and how they connect with their readers. in blogging and real life, it's pretty easy to get lost in who you're "supposed" to be. staying true to what you love and being confident in those decisions -- even if it isn't necessarily on-trend or what everyone else is obsessing over at the moment -- will always separate you from the crowd. ox

  12. I think it's easy to get caught in your own corner of the blogosphere (I know it happens to me!) so I try to branch out and find new voices, ideas, inspiration. But my response would probably be similar to Susan's above: I try to post about things in my life that fall under the topics I enjoy (entertaining, books, fashion, decor, happiness, etc). Also, with all the conversations going on about copyright issues, I'm trying to stick to photos I've taken, even if that means they aren't Photoshopped and taken with a super-fancy camera. I think we all love personal, original content -- or at least a unique spin on what we've seen. Great conversation starter :)

  13. Guilty as charged (shame faced)...I'm completely with Chassity,'s kind of a vicious cycle with the whole Pinterest thing. A double edged sword that spreads all kind of pretty, but also pretties us out! For me, blogging is still just a hobby and my blog is just a place for me to catalog what I'm in to at the if it's not super original, I can jam with that (c; Thank goodness for peeps with more creative minds than mine!!! Have a great weekend, ladyfish!

  14. Great topic! There are 2 types of blogs I follow, 1) the ones I read daily and like the bloggers and am interested in their style / life / commentary and 2) the ones I go to infrequently, don't usually read but know that they always post lovely images that I can use for inspiration. I think it depends on the type of blog and readership you want to have.

    I try only to repost if it's something that's truly inspiring me or relevant to my post, not because of the latter reason you described above about not having time to post something original. That also means I don't post everyday, which I've heard isn't great in the blogging world. But the few times that I've posted simply because I thought I needed to get a post up, I've been disappointed. I think it shows through on the blog whether your heart was really in it (kinda like life, lol).

    My blog is simply an online journal of sorts for me, and if I see a gorgeous kitchen I'm using for inspiration, I may post about it. As long as you credit back the source and it's relevant to you, I think it's perfectly fine and actually helps me get to know bloggers and their style better. Thanks so much for posting this! I'm looking forward to reading more comments!

  15. I dont have a blog but I read a number of blogs. I have seen this become more popular over the last couple of months. It doesnt make you original. Dont get me wrong I love reading blogs however I am starting to hate reading blogs as the originality is fading away. Everyone has wedding wednesday (even those who are not engaged or in a relationship) or fancy friday or at the moment what to wear at NYFW. Its getting freaken boring now. Be original or stop blogging. I have a number of issues with bloggers from the fact I feel that some bloggers are not being true their audience /readers. An example: how can you be an intern, still living at home and own a designer handbag? Just be honest - your parents help out. We criticises magazines for selling the wrong image to women however I feel that bloggers have become magazines and you are selling the wrong image to women as well.

    Be honest with yourself because when you are not. It does come through with your work.


  16. It's so interesting to me that you bring this up because I've noticed lately that I've almost completely shifted from posting images that I like and pertain to the theme of my blog to posting all my own photos. To my knowledge I've reposted twice and each time I asked the bloggers' permissions to do so. If I don't have something good to post then I won't post but I always try to think ahead and time the ones I have in mind accordingly.

    I find myself drawn more to blogs that post their own photos. With my own blogroll growing I sometimes find myself reading about the same content or seeing the same photos multiple times and it does get redundant. I would argue that original content takes longer to prepare so when I see it I appreciate it that much more :)

    Great topic though! It's important and something bloggers should think about. Have a great weekend :)

  17. This should not be written on a blog. We do not need to know this. I'm bored.

  18. i appreciate you bringing this up because its been on my mind lately too. (anonymous, go away if you have nothing nice to say. didnt your parents teach you that?)

    in my opinion, the best parts of blogging are the original stories and ideas that are shared by all the talented bloggers out there. i am way more likely to scroll through the archives, add a blog to my reader, and/or start following them on twitter/facebook if i feel they have interesting things to say (and keep saying)!

    as for how i personally handle it - i only blog when i feel like i have a compelling story or interesting idea. it kind of sucks, because i have gone from posting 4-5 times a week to 2-3 times a week, but in the end i think my readers will appreciate quality over quantity.

    keep up the good work, though, alex - i love your blog!

  19. I think it is almost impossible to have completely original content UNLESS you are using pics of things you have designed or styled. If you weren't inspired by others there wouldn't be pinterest or tumblr and 98% of blogs wouldn't exist. I feel like everything created is inspired by something else. Now. How do I set my blog apart from others? With my sparkling personality of course. Kidding. In my opinion, you have to be true to your readers and to yourself. AND as hard as it is, don't get caught up in the blogging bs. UGH!

  20. HAhaah, I JUST saw a blog that "borrowed" the title and idea from a much more famous blog and instantly was thought..."whaaaaat?"

    I think there's a difference - repinning something or reposting a photo is fine to me - like others have said, it's hard to do 100% of your own.

    Ideas is something that crosses the line to me. If you can't come up with something to say, then maybe not say it?

    That all being said, I'm not sure I've ever seen you "reblog" something.... I don't think it's something you need to worry about at all!

  21. I think a lot of this is contingent upon finding your unique voice, whether that's through words or visuals (yes, visual voice is totally a thing!). A photo you've seen a lot of other places can still be made interesting if you're offering a new perspective, view point, or opinion. It can also work if you're re-blogging from another person, and you're sure to credit them as an orignator, and also offer your own opinion (the trend here is that HAVING A POINT OF VIEW MATTERS).

    What's less interesting is just the photo itself with no thought behind it. I think a lot of bloggers don't take the time to develop their voice (or, to make it truly their own -- they copy others). It's the hardest thing a blogger can do, but also the most important, because it's what's going to give you staying power in the long run!

    Per the jewelry comment -- I have a feeling I know which companies you are referring to, because this week I saw a line of jewelry and got super confused that it wasn't by who I thought it was! Never good from a brand perspective!

  22. Thank you for starting the dialogue Alex. As someone who puts food on her table from her design work and creativity it really bites to see someone else copy your design and then get other people to promote it as if it is original. I feel passionately that bloggers should NOT blog about projects that are not credited to their inspirations when it is so obviously a copy. To do so is to undermine their own reputation as a blogger. It wouldn't be allowed by a magazine so why should bloggers be allowed to do it.


  23. So many people are more in love with being known as a creator than they are with taking on the risks of actually creating. Ripping off others' work is a great way to accomplish this.

    Thank you for expressing this so eloquently.

  24. I'm SO glad to see someone bring this up. I find that it is impossible for anything to feel "new" - when I get print magazines, I feel like I've seen most everything in them online somewhere already(and I HATE when bloggers post a whole story from a major magazine--especially when it happens before mine has come in the mail!) I definitely repost images on my blog, though largely published in magazines, not from other blogs, and always ALWAYS use them to illustrate a point or tip or the content of that post. I never simply post images from elsewhere. Ever. And I try to be good about crediting, though pinterest has made me lazier about this, hate to admit.

    I tend to read blogs where 1) I like the voice of the writer and/or feel inspired by their style or projects; 2) I feel like I am learning things. I aspire to hit one or both of these marks on a regular basis!

    Also, I feel like blogs have homogenized style, and I see the same fabrics and items over and over and over again. I think it has made it too easy for people to lose their own point of view, especially when these look a like spaces all get equally praised, since their is no such thing as constructive critique in blog land.

    Thanks for bringing this up. As a quite small blog, I never feel that I have the platform for these topics.


    1. the readers can give constructive criticism. i think the reason why bloggers have lost their originality is to down them competiting with each other or wanting to be the next top blogger.

      Name and shame those who use your work without giving you credit.


  25. Im with everyone else- I try to post all my own photos, and that inevitably means I post MUCH less about interior design- which I know people miss... its a challenge.

    There are serious blogs out there that are nothing but glorified pin boards, and that job- curating the content- was totally acceptable way to run a blog 3-6 years ago when this whole thing started. Now its just, well, not. But so many blogs still do it, and are still VERY popular. Have you noticed there are also insanely popular INSTAGRAM accounts that dont take their own photos? They are just like Tumblrs reposted into a mobile setting. Disheartening. (But there is something to be said for those that REALLY have good taste.)

    I also find it disheartening that everything is getting so much more... GLOSSY. Everyones mood boards look like magazine editorials... The blogging world is over-saturated with pretty content that doesn't have much perspective.

    Whatever... those who create will keep on creating and those that repost will repost.

  26. As long as I can avoid it. I don't repost stuff that Isn't mine or my idea. Its like your cheating yourself. I design my own and doesn't copy someone else's creation.
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  27. i struggle with this from time to time. i recently went out of town for a week and didn't blog, and i kind of loved it. i was still checking in on my blog roll...but i felt everything was the same and i was just over it. i have a small blog following and sometimes feel like it is all about the "big blogs" and people just rotate between talking about each other. as i'm sure many others experience, my more personal posts get the most feedback. with that said however, atlantic-pacific never posts a personal word, yet her blog is original and i look at it every day and she has a massive following. Original content may be hard to come by, but your original words are not. everyone's perspective is different and that is what sets us apart from each other. i think if you sit down at your computer and have to make up a blog post just to post something that becomes transparent. if you have nothing to say...say so! it happens! although can you imagine Blair Eadie posting 'i had nothing to wear today, sorry!'

  28. im late to the game on commenting on this, so only you will probably see it alex. however, i wanted to toss in my two cents.

    i tend to agree with chassity. blogging has been hurt by pinterest and by reposting. everything is over exposed and because of that, we get tired of things so much quicker than we would have 2 or 3 years ago. the unoriginality is not only uninspiring, but begins to induce an annoyance or eye roll. i mean, im personally exhausted from seeing chevron and turquoise... :)

    to be honest, i've noticed that my best posts come from when im not reading a ton of other blogs. i write when im inspired by something in my brain instead of something that i see... then i find the images to go with it. it makes me a really crappy blog reader, but i try to compensate by staying engaged on other social media platforms.

    ok... that's all. and hey yotchy annonymous up above, you can kiss it. kthnx.


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