Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Love Your Crazy

Hi there, it's Shannon Darrough from I Love Your Crazy. I'm so happy to be guest blogging today, especially since it means Alex is off marrying the man of her dreams.

I'm always looking for fresh ideas for bookshelves. There are so many ways to give them personality: paint the backs, add wallpaper, and use great lighting to name of a few. Today, I'm obsessing over bookcases filled with white books. All those white book spines add texture, create interest, and make the back of the painted shelves pop.

Here are my favorite spaces with all white books.

Ready to start your collection?
Assouline is quite famous for publishing colorful books with white spines. The Great Gatsby and Katharine Hepburn's Me  are also must-reads with white spines.

Thanks for having me at Things That Sparkle today!


Images via: Lilly Bunn WeeksTobi Fairley, Domino


  1. I love the idea of making an all white bookshelf. It looks so clean. Unfortunately we have sooooo many books with black spines. If only my husband didn't read so much. Haha. I had someone suggest that I turn them all around and I tried it but wasn't too happy with the outcome. Great post, Shannon!!! xo

  2. I love a full bookshelf! And the white spines make it look so clean and fresh. Love the built-ins in the first image.

  3. Hey Shannon! I couldn't agree more! I love a bookshelf full of white book titles! So chic.

    Congratulations on the wedding Alex!


  4. I've been looking for good coffee table books - these are great options. Thanks for sharing!

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