Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Aspiring Kennedy

I'm Lauren from Aspiring Kennedy.
It's a cool blog that you should probably read.

Even though Alex and I haven't ever technically met,
I have the sneaking suspicion that we would get along just great
when the day comes that we do meet in real life.

Until then, I'll have to settle for getting to "crash at her place"
in the form of guest blogging
while she is away getting married and such.

I mean, asking someone to guest blog while they are getting married
is basically the same thing as asking them to be a bridesmaid, right?


So what would a dear bosom friend tell another
before she walks down the aisle
and begins her new life of wedded bliss?

1. Don't forget your friends.... but make don't forget to make new ones, too.

There's an awkward phase that comes with being married- the merging of friends.
There's your friends. There's his friends.... but soon you'll start to want to have "your friends."

Don't alienate your old, single friends in the quest for couple friends.
They brought you to this point, and dang it- they deserve your devoted friendship
after being your bridesmaids, shower hostesses & bachelorette coordinators for the past year.

But don't be that married girl that only hangs out kicking it with her girls either
while her husband is off doing his own thing with his guys.

There's a happy balance to be found, for sure.
Spend one weekend night at week with one group & one with the other.

2. Don't get fat.

I mean, I'm not really one to talk here.
I kinda gained like 15 lbs the first year I got married.
Blame it on birth control or constantly eating in the company of a dude...
but either way, it doesn't feel awesome to try and shake it later.

Learn this one from me. 

Then again, if/when you do add on a few- just know you're in the company of many women who have stumbled merrily down this same path!

3. Baby Bug? Remedy with a chill pill.

You got married to spend the rest of your life with each other,
so before you rush to add a baby to your family,
enjoy, you know, spending some of your life together exclusively.

You'll know each other so much better
and the time you have before kids is something 
you can never get back.

Weekends sleeping in, home DIY projects, traveling... it's just not the same after the babies arrive.

Soak it up!

So dear Alex, 
there you have it.

All my secrets to married bliss.

From one e-friend to another.

What's one {honest} piece of advice you could pass on to a new bride?


  1. Fantastic post! We're coming up on our 1-year anniversary and I couldn't agree more on all points.

  2. So true about gaining weight when you spend more time around boys!

  3. Love your tips! So excited for your new marriage, Alex!

  4. I love this! So true. Look forward to checking out your blog and following!

  5. Awww I love this. Pretty pictures and great advice!! xoxo

  6. I love Lauren -- and this is such great advice...all of it so true! When my friends ask me 'how do we know when you're ready to have kids?'...I tell them when you're ready to share your spouse, then you're ready. So be greedy and stingy and eat up all his free-time, and then one day, you'll know there's room for someone else. :)

    Congrats to the lucky groom!!! (found you from chassity) :)

  7. This is amazing and SO true! I've been married 10 months and agree with everything!


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