Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Look Linger Love

Today we have Chassity from Look Linger Love


Yay, Alex is married. Tears, laughter, and much hoopla for sure. But now what the hell is she going to look forward to? Clogged shower drains? As a girl who's been married for nearly 6 years, I'll tell you what. The 10 year anniversary party, duh.

This is a party I dream of. And I'm thinking something like this could be intimate and cozy and perfect.

With perhaps these calligraphy leaves for escort cards...

And stacks of chocolate peanut butter bark up and down the table.

And maybe I'd wear something like this, only in white.

Mr. Berlin, start saving for Alex' next party ;) For real though, congrats Alex and Spencer. Welcome to the married club. It's truly the best moments of your life. xoxo


  1. Alex, when are you returning? We're all dying to see wedding pics!!

  2. Oh my gosh, indeed! Love the leaves!

  3. Love this and I want that skirt in white too...or maybe pale pink:)

  4. love your party idea chassity! and i have that tulle skirt in pale pink and it is probably my most favorite piece - so fun!


  5. haha..Mr. Berlin.. Very cute! I want to be in that first picture!! xoxo


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